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eProjects is always working on new events to promote entrepreneurship and innovation to the student body, but here are some of our notable events in the past years!

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Executive Dinner Night

This evening at the top of the Vancouver Revolving Restaurant entails opportunities for executives and CEOs to meet like-minded students and entrepreneurs with the opportunity of networking and sharing their knowledge over a delightful feast.

Company Crawl

Company Crawl allows students to directly interact with various companies situated in Vancouver and learn what it takes to become successful all the while being able to build their network and enhance their perspective on different company cultures and values.



This beginner-friendly case competition puts you in the shoes of an entrepreneur. LiteHacks is an event for students to work on a given case provided by a partner company and turn their proposal into a real business solution.

Let's Be Real

Let’s Be Real is an event focused on creating a safe space to have talks on mental health, work-life balance, and managing stress, featuring relaxing music, painting activities, and authentic conversations.

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Virtual Coffee Chat

Virtual Coffee Chat is an exclusive over-the-web event providing industry professionals with the prospect of meeting knowledgeable students and allowing them to gain insight into various industries and career paths.


Hustle is our 1st Year Rep event of 2023 to hear from inspiring UBC entrepreneurs with successful small businesses. It's a chance for students to ask questions about how to hustle and create their own businesses!

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