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Meet Stephanie Nuesi - CEO of of Max Up!

Stephanie is a first-generation college student, born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Growing up, she was the youngest in all her classes graduating from high school at the early age of 14! Although this may seem like an advantage, it actually led to some of the hardest challenges she has faced in her life. Most of her high school classmates were 3-4 years older than her, which represented a mindset gap. She suffered from bullying for most of her high school experience. Despite the difficulties, these years taught her invaluable lessons on how to be confident in her own skin, how to be a strong woman, how to always believe in her abilities and to never let anyone destroy her dreams.

She came to the United States 5 years ago because she had an interest in accounting and wanted to attend a good college. She applied to 6 universities and got rejected from all of them. She believes the reason why she got rejected was because she didn't speak English at the time. She looked at this failure as an opportunity to put in the effort to learn English by going to public libraries daily to teach herself English. This paid off as the next year she got admitted to her dream school!

However, getting into school was just the beginning of her journey. As she went through university, she began taking the time to do research and apply to her dream companies only to once again face rejection. History repeated itself as she persevered and finally got admitted to an amazing job.

“If there is something that I learned about rejection, it’s that from 1,000 doors that close, there will be 1 that will open. You only need 1 yes to change your life.”

Once at her new job, she soon realized that this was not enough to fulfill her. She discovered that her true passion was helping others develop their potential. This is how Max Up was born: a startup built to maximize people’s potential. Starting her own company wasn’t always a smooth ride. In the early stages, she received a lot of negative comments from people who she thought were going to support her. She chose not to let those things become an obstacle.

“You are the owner of your destiny and you get to write your own story. Start today and don't give up. Things will get harder as you progress, but that will only help you develop into a better you.”

When asked for any advice she has for students who are hoping to get good internships in these unprecedented times she responded with “Check out Max Up!”. They’ve created a spreadsheet with more than 250 recruiters, 50+ job posting, recruiting timelines per industry and much more. There is a misconception with the pandemic: companies are still hiring. Yes, they are doing it on a smaller scale, but they are still hiring! So keep connecting with those individuals on LinkedIn, attend virtual career fairs and conferences, and develop your personal brand by educating yourself with the workshops being offered by organizations on LinkedIn!

“Don't let rejection or failures define you. What defines you is who you are and what you stand for. This will help you in any area of your career, whether it is when applying for a job, or connecting with others.”

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